VPI Vertical Colour Print Inspection Station

The VPI is a specially designed D50 viewing station for the controlled colour inspection of large format digital images.

The ISO 3664 light quality of the VPI is a combination of the Graphiclite 100 Colour Viewing Lamp output, aluminised high efficiency reflectors and spectrally neutral, non-yellowing diffusers.

Images up to 60 inches in width are displayed semi-vertically within the viewing station. The observer standing at a comfortable distance can take in the entire image for visual comparison with a colour monitor image, colour transparency or reference print.

Options include Variable Intensity for soft-proof comparisons, Height-Adjustable Artwork Holder to support three dimensional artwork and Side Walls for stricter control of ambient light.

The VPI comes in three standard sizes - Models VPI-40 (40" x 45.25" viewing area), VPI-52 (52" x 45.25" viewing area), & VPI-64 (64" x 45.25" viewing area). The addition of an optional lower light source provides better evenness of light on the printed piece (Models VPI-40x, VPI-52x, or VPI-64x). For critical soft-proofing, the VPI-SP series accommodates a computer and monitor, with variable intensity for optimal match to monitor.

CVX - Colour Viewing Stations

EVS - Executive Viewing Stations

The CVX represents innovative advances in
colour management technology and quality control.

D5000 accuracy and consistency combined with
sleek styling.

VPI - Vertical Print Inspector

A specially designed D50 viewing station for
inspection of large format digital images.

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