VPI/T Vertical Product Inspector - Textiles

Textile Appearance Viewing System

The VPI makes visual evaluation
of textiles quick and easy.

The VPI/T viewing system is designed to provide consistent and accurate AATCC Standard viewing conditions for the evaluation of creases, smoothness and seam stitches, as well as oily stain evaluation. The VPI/T is available in 3 standard sizes - Model VPI/T-40 (40" x 45.25"), Model VPI/T-52 (52" x 45.25") and Model VPI/T-64 (64" x 45.25").

Options include: LiteGuard II Viewing System Monitor which indicates when the unit is warming up and when it needs to be relamped, Variable Intensity for ease of product comparisons, Side Walls for stricter control of ambient light and a Lower Shelf to support 3 dimensional products (pillows, cushions, etc.) from the bottom.

Model VPI/T-52 shown w/Optional
LiteGuard II & Lower Shelf

*AATCC Test Method 143-2001, TM-88 B&C, TM-124, TM-128,
and TM-130

These standard test methods encompass:

  • Proper Lighting Configuration
  • Proper Viewing Environment
  • Specific Evaluation Criteria
  • Proper Background Conditions (neutral matte grey)