Press Console Viewing Systems

In addition to the popular CVX and EVS viewing stations for pressroom viewing, GTI manufactures custom press console viewing systems. All custom systems provide ISO
Standard viewing conditions and reduced glare.

Press consoles and custom viewing areas require custom modifications to ensure quality
and accuracy. GTI's design team can create a tight tolerance, customized press console
viewing area to suit your specific needs.

Please contact GT [UK] by E-mail, fax, or phone and request a
Once completed and submitted, an accurate price quotation
can be prepared. Custom press consoles are available in two styles:

(Heidelberg QMDI Press)

D5000 Viewing System for Digital Presses

GTI offers custom viewing systems for the digital press user allowing
inspection of colour quality and consistency under standard D50 viewing
conditions right at the press.
The DIVS-1, designed specifically for the Heidelberg QMDI,
uses a unique reflector/lens design to assure even illumination on the
press sheet with no glare on the computer monitor.
The DIVS-Pro viewing system is designed to provide consistent and
accurate ISO Standard viewing conditions on the viewing surface of the
Heidelberg Quickmaster DI Pro.

(Heidelberg Quickmaster DI Pro)

(Ryobi 3404DI Press)

For accurate D50 standard viewing conditions at the Ryobi 3404DI press, GTI has developed the RYVS-3404DI viewing system. Easy to install and operate; can be used with or without the PDS-E scanning unit.

All of these custom viewing systems come complete with the LiteGuard II viewing system monitor, which indicates when unit is warming up and when unit needs to be relamped.

Contact GT [UK] about your digital press D50 lighting needs.