GLX Viewers

These sleek, smartly-styled viewers are
precisely balanced to provide strict
compliance with the photographic and
graphic arts D5000 standards.
GLX viewers offer unexcelled viewer to
viewer consistency. Each viewer is individually tested and boasts GTI's official Control Lab Certification Seal, guaranteeing strict adherence to ISO standards.
(GLX Viewers are available in five standard model sizes as well as larger custom sizes.)

GLX Viewers
Editing Consoles

Precisely balanced to provide strict compliance
with the D5000 standards.

D5000 transparency editing facilities providing large
format transparency capabilities.

Recessed Viewers
GLE Transparency Viewers

Top quality GLX series transparency viewers in
four standard sizes or in custom dimensions.

Graphiclite quality and accuracy at an extremely
affordable price.

Program 4 Transparency/Slide Viewers

Perfect for photo labs, slide production houses,
and educational environments.

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