CVX Colour Viewing Stations


The most recent addition to the Graphiclite Colour Viewing Station product line, the CVX represents innovative advances in technology and quality control.

The CVX family of D50 colour viewing stations features state-of-the-art electronic ballasts combined with Graphiclite T8 fluorescent lamps, producing superior light evenness, improved rear wall illumination and enhanced energy efficiency. All units include the LiteGuard II, which displays lamp warm up, lamp hours and remaining lamp life.

The CVX comes complete with side walls (removable). The attractive design of the CVX makes it a versatile viewer, compatible with either an office/conference room setting or a production/pressroom work area.

In addition to the standard Graphiclite system features, the CVX also includes horizontal and vertical viewing positions, side walls for strict compliance to Industry Standards and a built-in print bar.

NB: If desired, the CVX can be provided with 2 light sources (CVX-1/DS) or 3 light sources (CVX-1/M). Available light sources include D50, D65, 3000K, 4100K, etc.

A variety of model sizes ideally dimensioned for multiple press sheets or group critiques ...

CVX-1/FD/1F with GLX-10 on EA-10
viewing area: 29" x 52"
(74 x 132 cm)

CVX-2/FD/1F with GLX-10 on EA-10
viewing area: 29" x 106"
(74 x 269 cm)

viewing area: 48" x 64"
(122 x 163 cm)

viewing area: 48" x 130"
(122 x 330 cm)

Model CVX-4052 has been designed to accommodate image sizes up to 40" x 52". Model CVX-A integrates features designed to accommodate a scanning densitometer or spectrophotometer. Contact GT [UK] for details.


CVX - Colour Viewing Stations
EVS - Executive Viewing Stations

The CVX represents innovative advances in
colour management technology and quality control.

D5000 accuracy and consistency combined with
sleek styling.

VPI - Vertical Print Inspector

A specially designed D50 viewing station for
inspection of large format digital images.



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