Colour Viewing Lamps - Standardised Light

Lighting for Colour Evaluation

The best D5000 lamp for your Graphiclite colour viewing system...
and the only lamp that guarantees optimum system performance!

Feature Benefits:

Every Graphiclite colour viewing system features the Graphiclite 100 Colour Viewing Lamp. To ensure optimum viewing conditions, these lamps are manufactured with a unique blend of fluorescent phosphors. Unequalled by any other 5000 Kelvin lamp in the industry, the Graphiclite 100 produces a true full spectrum white light which renders colours with the highest degree of accuracy and efficiency. In Graphiclite viewers, the Graphiclite 100 Colour Viewing Lamp produces an actual system CRI approaching 95.

While non-Graphiclite viewers can be fitted with Graphiclite 100 Colour Viewing Lamps to significantly improve viewing conditions, they were designed for optimum performance in Graphiclite colour viewing products and the relamping of same.

REMEMBER: Accurate color viewing can only be achieved if all components of the system are operating at full potential. Scheduled relamping of fluorescent bulbs is essential to maintain standardised lighting and maximum viewing conditions. Use only Graphiclite 100 Color Viewing Lamps when relamping!

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