GraphicLite Luminaires

These D5000 luminaires optimise accurate colour viewing in the work area.

All Graphiclite luminaires utilise Graphiclite 100 Colour Viewing Lamps, aluminised high efficiency reflectors and spectrally neutral non-yellowing diffusers providing a precisely balanced D5000 output. Luminaires are available in the attractive, thin profile GLE series, ideal for conference rooms and design studios or the basic GLL series, a purely functional fixture essential for accurate colour viewing production areas.


Graphiclite luminaires are a key element of a proper Standard Viewing System and when installed correctly will ensure compliance to the industry standards. GLL models are available in symmetrical design only. GLE models are available with symmetrical or asymmetrical reflectors. Both series can be ordered as single source, dual source or custom multi-source fixtures.

Multi-source viewing systems for styling & design

GT [UK] offers a custom viewing system package for designers, stylists and colourists to evaluate colour samples under "home", "store" or D5000 daylight conditions.
Available in select models of Graphiclite luminaires and colour viewing stations.

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