Accessories & Options

 Side Walls

Easy to install side walls provide extra critical viewing conditions consistent with pressroom production needs. Available for EVS-1 & EVS-2 units as Model SW-EVS. Side walls are also available for use with the EVS-2028 (Model SW-2028) and the EVS-2540 (Model SW-2540)

 Flat Storage Files & Storage Cabinets

High-tech flat storage files with precision drawer guides are a very popular accessory to the CVX or EVS for the storage of artwork, press sheets and colour proofs. Flat file sets consisting of 8 drawers (/FD) or two door storage cabinets (/SC) can be used alone or combined with one deep (/1F) or two shallow (/2F) file drawers.

Storage options for the EVS-2028 and EVS-2540 include a single deep drawer (Model 1F-2028 or Model 1F-2540) or dual file drawers (Model 2F-2540). A flat file set consisting of 8 drawers is also available for the EVS-2540 (Model FD-2540).


Workstations can be attached to your colour viewing station for editing/sorting or other non-colour viewing applications. They can be easily fitted with flat storage file drawers (Model WS/FD/1F) or lockable storage cabinet and file drawer combinations (Models WS/SC/1F or WS/SC/2F). Workstations can also be used separately (Model WS).


For elevated working heights, three countertop bases are available for the EVS-2028 and EVS-2540: the TS-2028 or TS-2540 simple base, the 1F-2028 or 1F-2540 base with one flat file drawer, and the 2F-2540 base with two flat file drawers. The bases raise the viewing surface 8" and can be stacked for added height and storage space.

 Floor Stands

A free-standing height adjustable floor stand (Model FS-2028 or Model FS-2540) is an option for the EVS-2028 or EVS-2540. This sturdy floor stand measures 32" x 48" in height, with lockable swivel casters for ease of movement.

  Transparency Viewer Extension Arms/Installation Kits for CVX and EVS Units

Extension Arms (Models EA-10 & EA-16/20) are used to install transparency viewers Model GLX-10, 16, or 20 into a CVX or EVS viewing station. These versatile viewer arms permit transparency viewers to extend in and out from the rear wall of the viewing station.

Model EA-2028 and Model EA-2540 are used to install a GLX-10 transparency viewer into the EVS-2028 and EVS-2540.

Installation Kits (Models KT-20X and KT-44X) are specially designed to allow transparency viewers Model GLX-20 or GLX-44 to be built into the rear wall of Graphiclite viewing stations (specify CVX or EVS when ordering). Models KT-10X/2028 and KT-16X/2028 can be ordered to install a GLX-10 or GLX-16 into the rear wall of the EVS-2028. Models KT-10X/2540, KT-16X/2540, or KT-20X/2540 allow installation of a GLX-10, GLX-16, or GLX-20 into the rear wall of the EVS-2540.

Note: The recessed viewer series (models designated by "RVA" or "RVS") can be recessed into the horizontal viewing surface of Graphiclite colour viewing stations. Contact GT for details.

 LiteGuard II Viewing System Monitor

The LiteGuard II, a critical quality control monitor, is a backlit liquid crystal display of lamp hours used and lamp hours remaining on the daylight source. The LiteGuard II displays warm up time, hours used and hours remaining until recommended relamping. It also provides a warning in advance of relamping, indicates "out of tolerance" when relamping time has been exceeded and gives information on where to obtain replacement lamps. The LiteGuard II helps keep standard D50 viewing system within industry tolerances and is standard on all Graphiclite Colour Viewing Stations. It can be ordered installed on many other Graphiclite viewing products by noting "LG" after the model number. Contact GT for specific details.

 Standard Grey Neutral 8 Vinyl Latex

Standard Grey Neutral 8 is a water-reducible vinyl latex for use in colour viewing areas which require Munsell N8/ grey surround as specified by ISO 3664:2000. Available in gallons or pints.

 Print Bars

This custom extrusion features GTI's unique chrome grip design which enables you to engage and disengage chromes and prints quickly and easily. Available in standard (24", 36" or 52") or custom lengths to fit your every need. Adheres to most common wall surfaces. Ideal display device for retail environments, educational facilities, galleries, studios and building lobbies.

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