Accessories & Options

 Flat Storage Files & Storage Cabinets
High-tech flat storage files with precision drawer guides are a very popular accessory to the CMB-2540 or CMB-3052 for the storage of artwork and samples. Flat file sets consisting of 8 drawers (FD-2540 or FD-3052) or two door storage cabinets (SC-2540 or SC-3052) are used in combination with one deep (1F-2540 or 1F-3052) or two shallow (2F-2540 or 2F-3052) file drawers.

Storage options for the CMB-2028 include a single deep drawer (Model 1F-2028) or dual file drawers (2F-2028).
For elevated working heights, three countertop bases are available for the CMB line: the TS-2028, TS-2540 or TS-3052 simple base, the 1F-2028, 1F-2540 or 1F-3052 base with one flat file drawer and the 2F-2028, 2F-2540 or 2F-3052 base with two flat file drawers. The bases raise the viewing surface 8" and can be stacked for added height and storage space.
 Floor Stands
A free-standing height adjustable floor stand (Model FS-2028, Model FS-2540 or FS-3052) is available for all CMB models. This sturdy floor stand measures 32" to 48" in height, with lockable swivel casters for ease of movement.

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